Kodak 16mm Vision3 400ft (122m) 200T/7213

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  • Can be purchased as "stock only" or process paid with a 2K scan.
  • For the process paid option we work in conjunction with the two UK Labs, Cinelab and Kodak.
  • All process paid projects will require an FTP upload
  • Tungsten-balanced colour neg. movie film
  • Exposure index of 200 in tungsten light
  • Expanded highlight latitude
  • Fine grain and sharpness
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Single perforated
  • Well-suited to digital post-production
  • Process in ECN-2 chemistry
  • Click here for full technical specifications data sheets
  • To play demonstration film click here
  • FTP Uploads and Hard Drives can be purchased as an extra from accessories.
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